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Welcome >> 

Thank you for for visiting Here We Go Sport Fishing! We are here for your fishing, cruising, eco tour and boating needs. We are a year round operation that offers sport fishing and cruising from the coast of Northern California to the calm back water bays of the West Delta. We fish Salmon, Halibut, Sturgeon, Rock Fish, Striped Bass and maybe even a tuna if the conditions are right. We run open and private "closed boat" trips which means that when you book the boat with us, the deck and itinerary are yours and yours alone. Bring your buddy or buddies, wife, girlfriend or lets teach your children how to fish for the first time. Whether you are experienced or have never picked up a rod before, you will fit in perfectly on our boat. Please take a cruise through our site so you can decide to come cruise with us. 

Matt Archer 408-482-0923

What we offer >>


 -Fishing for new or experienced anglers 

-All bait. rods, reels, and tackle 

-Customized trips 

-Delta, Bay and Coastal Cruises

-If you aren't sure, please call or email and ask. Customization is our specialty

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