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Here We Go Sport Fishing Salmon Fishing Outside of Half Moon bay
Here We Go Sport Fishing for Sturgeon


My name is Matt Archer and I am the owner/operator of Here We Go Sportfishing. I've been fishing the waters of Northern California for 45 years. 

I've been running my own boats and fishing trips since 1988 when I purchased my first boat. In 2009 we purchased our current boat, a 2001 Grady White 300 Marlin. I recieved my USCG Credentials in 2015 and am now living my dream of being a full time captain.


For 45 years I've been absolutely nuts about fishing and everything outdoors. I've evolved however and my satisfactions now come from seeing others enjoy what I've enjoyed for so long. I have fished the far reaches of the Golden Gate coast to the upper Sacramento river and everywhere in between.  My wife Sonya has been by my side for the past 29 years and she is a key component to my success and the success of Here We Go Sport Fishing. 

Our locations are seasonal. During the late spring and summer months you will find us based out of the Emeryville Marina where we will fish salt water species like salmon, halibut and Rockfish. During the fall and winter months you can find us in Pittsburg and the calm waters of the west delta chasing gigantic sturgeon. We love the waters of the West Delta, San Francisco Bay and coastal waters from Monterey Bay to Bodega Bay. When conditions are right, we will even venture out to the edge of the continental shelf in pursuit of hard fighting Albacor Tuna and more recently, the elusive Blue Fin Tuna.


Northern California is home to the largest estuary on the West Coast of North America (The California Delta) and we are lucky enough to call it home.  There's more than 1,000 miles of waterways in our Delta and I hope to enjoy most all of them at some point. 


I am a college graduate and have enjoyed a very successful profesional life. As a child I dreamt of becoming a fishing guide. I finally committed to fullfilling the dream when I realized that teaching others about the sport and watching the excitement of a new angler outweighed my personal enjoyment of catching a fish my self. Yes I love to fish. Next to my family, it's one of the biggest passions in life. Now I want to share that passion with others!


Our goal is to provide you, your family or your freinds with an enjoyable, stress free experience that will result with you walking off the boat with a smile. 






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