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Cruising and Coastal/Bay/Delta Tours

So you dont want to fish but you still want enjoy a day on the water? We have the platform for you that can be personalized and comfortable. Whale watching, Eco Tour, or just an evening sunset and dinner. We can personalize a trip for you and almost anything is possible. Question? Give us a call and lets talk fishing/cruising! 408-482-0923

Scenic get away 

Do you love the coast? Have you ever expeienced it from the water? How about the bay and west delta? With us, you can enjoy a personalized cruise that can take you under the Golden Gate Bridge to Bonita Cove and for the adventurous all the way to the Farrolon Islands or up our coast to view cliffs and mountains from water. Dolphins, whales, sun fish, seals and a diverse list of birds and other wildlife that you can only see from the water. Before your trip we will discuss with you what it is that you hope to enjoy and we will do whatever it takes to make it happen. 






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